"Such leaders, how mightily they are felt. How their flame arouses the Church! How they stir it by the force of their Pentecostal presence! How they embattle and give victory by the conflicts and triumphs of their own faith! How they fashion it by the impress and importunity of their prayers! How they inoculate it by the contagion and fire of their holiness! How they lead the march in great spiritual revolutions! How the Church is raised from the dead by the resurrection call of their sermons! Holiness springs up in their wake as flowers at the voice of spring, and where they tread the desert blooms as the garden of the Lord. God's cause demands such leaders along the whole line of official position from subaltern to superior. How feeble, aimless, or worldly our efforts, how demoralized and vain for God's work without them!" - E.M. Bounds

Get-A-Way for Pastors

A two day personal retreat for Christian pastors in a lovely setting, cozy chalet and tasty meals. 
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May thru September

This program runs Tuesday - Thursday noon.  Two nights.  Bookings from May thru September based on availability.  

Retina ready
Private Chalet Accomodation

Two nights in a cozy chalet cabin.  This cabin has a washroom, shower,  fridge and microwave.  We can accommodate up to three pastoral couples at a time. 

Totally responsive
Meals are provided

Quality fresh food served in our post & beam atrium.  Coffee and brunch in the mornings and dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Visit with host and other guests during meal times.  

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For Christian Pastors needing Rest

A self guided time to focus on Christ in worship, prayer and for renewal.  Spouse is welcome.  No children.  Take time to relax and breath.  


We run a very light schedule for you.  You'll have lots of time to relax, rest, walk, read, pray... as it suits you.  We've put some suggestions in the schedule to help you.  Please note that our retreat has limitted internet access, we think it's a good thing for those wanting to diconnect from media and connect in real time to God and each other. 


Coffee & Tea - 9 AM

We suggest you start your day with a nature walk together.  After that grab a cup of coffee and spend some time alone.  Read your Bible, a devotional book, and listen to a podcast dealing with personal growth for who you are (man, woman, husband, wife, dad, mom)


Brunch - 11 AM

We'll serve you a healthy breakfast style lunch at your own table in our Atrium.  This is a great time to interact together and with other guests.  After brunch you may want to relax by the river, play a game like disc golf or horse shoes, pan for gold, or snooze in the sunshine.   This is a great time to discuss some highlight from what you read or heard in your morning personal time.  


Dinner - 6 PM

We'll serve a delishious dinner like Salmon, Greek Chicken, Deluxe burgers to our guest


Fireside - 8 PM