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So our Pastors and guests can stay comfortably getting the full benefit of their retreat.

It's best for most Pastors and groups that they spend more than a day at the retreat for the full benefit.  Camping isn't for everyone, so we maintain some indoor accommodations that will comfortably allow our guests to rest and focus on their prayer retreat.  Every year we try to add to or improve these.  We really apreciate those who donate time, money and materials to help with these costs.  We try to keep the fees for using our accommodations affordable. 

What our Guests Say:

Grant brought his Pastor to stay a couple days for a retreat.  They spent time in prayer, church planning, and did some hiking up a stream.  They had comfortable rooms in the prayer chalet and we provided their meals in the cook house.  Grant had this to say about it, "Great atmosphere where you can clear your head of the worlds distractions to focus on what matters ... prayer and time in the Word."