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A Pastor's Place


"Such leaders, how mightily they are felt. How their flame arouses the Church! How they stir it by the force of their Pentecostal presence! How they embattle and give victory by the conflicts and triumphs of their own faith! How they fashion it by the impress and importunity of their prayers! How they inoculate it by the contagion and fire of their holiness! How they lead the march in great spiritual revolutions! How the Church is raised from the dead by the resurrection call of their sermons! Holiness springs up in their wake as flowers at the voice of spring, and where they tread the desert blooms as the garden of the Lord. God's cause demands such leaders along the whole line of official position from subaltern to superior. How feeble, aimless, or worldly our efforts, how demoralized and vain for God's work without them!" - E.M. Bounds

Dear Pastor;

Having pastoral experience myself, I understand what it’s like.  A prayerful life is vital to an effective ministry, yet this is where we struggle more often than not.  Jammed packed schedules, interruptions and overloaded minds are some of the things that make it difficult to pray and receive a fresh word and energy from the Lord. But PRAYER is the way and the privilege we've been given.  Let's use it!  

Pastors enjoy Mountain Road as a secluded place of prayer and retreat.   We will do as much or as little as you like to make your retreat a success.  Our registration form will have options for you to choose.  We’d love to hear from you and send you more information on Pastoral retreats.  Use the contact form below so we can send you an application for your personal prayer retreat.

 - Mark Steberl (retreat director)

A B&B Deal For Pastors

The Prayer Chalet

Spacious and warm 

Double bed upstairs loft, single bed downstairs, bathroom with shower, sofa bed, kitchenette with fridge and microwave. 

The Perfect Pine

Cozy bedroom Cabin

Double bed, small fridge, microwave, toilet and sink.


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