Booking Your Gift Retreat

Use this page to register your gift card and book dates for your Pastoral Retreat.

Mountain Road Two Day Pastoral Retreat

Register Your Gift Card
ASAP (by May 31 Deadline!)

Register if you don't have a date selected yet.  If you've selected a date from the availability calendar then register with the form at the bottom of this page.

Register Gift Card


Register Your Gift Card

Before you proceed be sure to register your gift card (above) even if you haven't selected a date yet.  Dates can be selected now or later using the form below.  We will email you to confirm your registration.


Check the Availability Calendar

On the calendar below, the dates reserved for Pastoral Retreat gift cards are represented in white, these days include meal service.  We have room for two bookings at a time. Grey areas on the calendar represent days that may be available for an extra fee if you wish to extend your stay. Blue areas on the calendar are not available. IMPORTANT: We try to keep the calendar up to date but may not reflect recent bookings, submit dates that are available on the calendar and we'll get back to you with confirmation.


Book Your Prefered Date

When you decide on a date for you retreat, use the booking form at the bottom of this page. Let us know if you would like to purchase additional days (in Grey) and we will let you know price and availability.  Note: meal service is only available mid week. There is also an option to purchase a retreat for another pastoral couple to join you. This can be done in two ways: 1) A separate cabin 2) Same cabin separate bedroom, shared bath. Let us know and we can provide you with details.


Check out the Pastoral Retreat Info page for details

Do you have questions about the Pastoral Retreat you've been offered? Wondering what it like, is there a schedule? What about the meals? What kind of activities are at the retreat? For answers, check out Pastoral Retreat Details.


Watch for a confirmation Email from us

We will contact you to confirm your booking dates.  If you selected additional days or would like to add another Pastor we will provide the necessary information needed to proceed.

Booking Dates & Details

Fill out this form when you know what dates you would like to book.  Be sure that you have registered your gift card at top of this page. 

Select Dates From Calendar above