Project "More Power"!

Since 1997 we have been generating our own electricity.  With recent additions our electricity needs have increased from 18 to 32 kWh per day.  This is not a huge demand as the average household in Canada uses 28 kWh per day and we are running more than that,   Currently we are able to generate 20 kWh per day from renewable sources and the other 12 are made by a diesel generator.  

Having to run a diesel generator is an obvious expense and noisy.  The price of diesel has increased, last year we spent thousands of dollars.  This generator requires maintenance and eventual there will be replacement costs. Our goal is to increase our electricity production from renewable sources all year round. This will reduce the need for the diesel generator so it can serve as a backup source instead of a primary source.  Renewable energy is achievable with up grades to our current micro hydro system and the addition of other sources such as solar and wind.

This year we are taking steps to increase our energy production.  We have an interesting incentive.  For every dollar that is donated to this we will be able to spend two dollars because of a matching grant ($15,000).  That means the first $15,000 that is donated will actually give us $30,000 to spend.

If you donate to this we will provide you with updates showing the details and how much more power is being produced.  Our first goal is to produce an extra 10 kWh more per day by June 2025.  Our three year goal is to be able to produce 48 kWh per day from renewable sources. 

If you would like to help us produce more off grid electricity please click on the Donate button below and select "Project".