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"This place has changed, challenged and moved people closer to God. I hear and see it in the groups of people that have come out"

"The first impression when you arrive at the camp is that it is a place sanctified for the work of the Lord.  It is very secluded from worldly influences allowing us to really pray and seek God.  The staff at Mountain Road are so friendly and helpful. They have laboured together to build the facilities and we love seeing the improvements every year."

"We enjoy it here for several reasons: the breath-taking scenery, isolation from distractions, many fond memories and an amazing friendly staff.

Over the years we have seen several young people accept the Lord as their personal Saviour, and surrender their lives to serve Him "

Our Groups submit a yearly application to qualify for their camp or retreat.  To qualify the groups define elements of prayer, Bible teaching and worship in their program.  They also delegate responsibilities and demonstrate a well organized plan for success.  We pray for our groups as they prepare and coach them if needed.  We expect that they have their pastor participate in the spiritual leadership of the event.

Our groups get the entire facility to themselves.  Our staff is responsible to keep the facilities stocked and running smoothly.


We are here for a specific purpose.  We are not a rental facility.  Not merely a business looking to make money.  We are primarily a ministry concerned with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Yes, groups that use our facility will contribute a fee but will also run a Christian program whether that be a youth camp or a birthday party.  We give our ministry related groups a private place for a Christ centered purpose.  We will help our groups with that purpose.  That is our ministry.

If you or your group is affiliated with us and you wish to hold an event please contact us.

Types of Events

Prayer retreats, youth camps, Bible study groups, Celebrations, Fellowship events, Reunions, Weddings, Corporate, Leadership, Planning, womens retreats, mens retreats, Team Building, Mission training.

Day Groups

Using the retreat for the day can be very convenient.  Groups like it for the privacy and freedom to conduct their event.  We encourage day groups to limit their size to 40 although our weddings have been much larger.

Multi Day Events

Camping is a summer option and is limited to 25 people.  Our indoor bed capacity is limited 4-5 couples (10 people).  So in summer a small group of 35 can be accomodated.  Groups like the privacy and freedom they get to use the entire camp.