Small Group Retreats

We offer these services to groups that are affiliated with Mountain Road Ministry.
What is an Affiliated Group?

Church Picnics

July and August

Groups of 20 - 60
Don't worry about packing the basket we got it. Everyone can enjoy the afternoon and the BBQ we provide. Includes use of recreation areas, fireside, outdoor chapel, trails and more.

Day Retreats

Fall, Spring, Summer

Groups of 10 -30
Do you have a group of leaders that need some focused time together? What about your study group? Want to build relationships and enhance unity? Spend the day here

Camps & Retreats

June - Sept

Groups of 20 -30
Have the place to yourselves, no distractions. We provide tasty meals. Our facilities are perfect for groups of 20 - 30. Cabins for up to 10 people and group tenting sites for the rest.

We LOVE our groups

We LOVE our groups

Our Groups submit a yearly application to qualify for their camp or retreat. To qualify the groups define elements of prayer, Bible teaching and worship in their program. They also delegate responsibilities and demonstrate a well organized plan for success. We pray for our groups as they prepare and coach them if needed. We expect that they have their pastor participate in the spiritual leadership of the event.

Our groups get the entire facility to themselves. Our staff is responsible to keep the facilities stocked and running smoothly.

"This place has changed, challenged and moved people closer to God. I hear and see it in the groups of people that have come out"   - Tim B

"The first impression when you arrive at the camp is that it is a place sanctified for the work of the Lord. It is very secluded from worldly influences allowing us to really pray and seek God. The staff at Mountain Road are so friendly and helpful. They have laboured together to build the facilities and we love seeing the improvements every year."    - Pastor Chardon C.

"We enjoy it here for several reasons: the breath-taking scenery, isolation from distractions, many fond memories and an amazing friendly staff.  Over the years we have seen several young people accept the Lord as their personal Saviour, and surrender their lives to serve Him "    - Pastor Tim

Types of Events

Prayer retreats, youth camps, Bible study groups, Celebrations, Fellowship events, Reunions, Weddings, Corporate, Leadership Elders, Planning, womens retreats, mens retreats, Team Building, Mission training.

Day Groups

Using the retreat for the day can be very convenient.  Groups like it for the privacy and freedom to conduct their event.  Generally day groups are limitted to 40 persons although our weddings have been much larger.

Multi Day Events

Indoor bed capacity is 15 beds or 5 rooms double occupancy.  A group could consist of 5 couples, or 15 individuals.  In summer a group can add camping to accomodate up to 30 persons max.  Only one group is booked at a time.  Food service must be purchased through us (we do not rent our kitchen).


We are here for a specific purpose.  We are not just a rental facility.  We are primarily a ministry concerned with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Yes, groups that use our facility will contribute a fee but will also run a Christian program whether that be a youth camp or a birthday party.  We give our ministry related groups a private place for a Christ centered purpose.  We will help our groups with that purpose.  That is our ministry.

We only take on what we can handle prayerfully and have limited space for groups.  If a spot for a New Group is open, a potential NEW GROUP must follow the steps of Affiliation with our ministry.  This is to find out if the nature, purpose, and core beliefs of the group is a fit with our ministry.  Once a group connects with us by Affiliation they can be sure that they have our passion and commitment.  Some conditions and steps to becoming an affiliate group are listed below.  The first step, and a very important one, is that we want the leader(s) to visit the retreat so we can meet, talk and pray together.    

If you or your group is affiliated with us and you wish to hold an event please contact us.

Who is an Affiliated Group?

Our efforts and resources revolve around one main goal, to promote faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore we seek to accommodate groups that share this and engage in the following:


1) It is only by Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross that anyone can be right with God (John 14:6). This gift of salvation must be recieved by faith, it is not earned by good works but rather good works are a result.  2) God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three distinct persons coexisting from everlasting to everlasting, these three are one God.  3) God created humankind male and female and He blessed the marriage of these saying the two shall become one. Thus God defines marriage. 


We practice these things that make strong relationships with God, with spouse, with family and others.  1)Prayer  2)Bible Study  3)Worship  4)Fellowship


Our affiliate groups are committed to help preserve and promote this retreat facility. They endeavour to use this place GLADLY, RESPONSIBLY, and PURPOSEFULLY.

Steps To Affiliation


Visit The Retreat

We need to meet your leadership. Have your group leader(s) book a BnB here at the retreat. You'll enjoy it and exprience Mountain Road first hand. It will also give us an oportunity to meet and see if it's a good fit for your group. 


Submit Application

After we've met and agreed that we share ministry goals, your group submits a retreat application. This application will help you outline your retreat plan. It will also detail the services you'll require and the costs.


Hold First Retreat

When your application & payment is approved, you can hold your first retreat at Mountain Road. The event will be evaluated in consideration of future events. If all went well you will be considered an affiliate group.