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Mountain Road Ministries

Because life gets LOUD.

For Christian Leaders

Rest, Learn, Pray

Jesus made an example of finding a quiet place to pray.  The spiritual dimension of Christian ministry depends on prayer.  We have a place for pastors to stay and pray.

For Small Groups

Leadership Teams, Study groups, Youth

We've been able to  help small groups interested in Christian growth.   By facilitating them in a place that is inspirational, private and secluded.

Our Community

Serve Christ and His church, Grow

News and events for those who wish to be involved. What's our community like.
"Mountain Road is a journey not a destination."

Outreach and Inspiration

Learn more about Prayer

We've got some great links to sermons and teaching that will inspire your faith and prayer life.

Projects & Growth

GOOD NEWS! The outdoor wood boiler has been purchased and is in place. We are in the process of hooking it up.

If it's on your heart to help us make a better retreat facility please send a cheque or money order to Mountain Road Ministries - Box 699, Hope BC. V0X 1L0.  Or use the donate button.