OUR Community

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”  Heb 10: 24-25

We are a group of Christian believers concerned with the development and operation of a mountain prayer retreat ministry.  We believe our ministry can benefit pastors and their church groups by nurturing a deeper walk with Jesus.  We ourselves also try to use the retreat and practice a closer walk with our Lord in the same way we teach others.


"Mountain Road is a journey not a destination".   The very name of our place and ministry speaks of a journey.  Travelling a mountain road is full of experiences.  There are breath taking views and wonderful discoveries.   The road is narrow and steep at times.   One thing about a mountain road is that there are many refreshing places to stop, rest and reflect along the way.  There are also unexpected obstacles, unpredictable weather and it can be dangerous at times.  But this road always beckons one to travel on, higher, promising adventure and reward.


We run a registered charitable society that operates very similar to a local church.  Our constitution is Bible based and evangelical.


Our faith inspires our work.  Without faith we wouldn't have anything to work at.  This is literally true, because this place was started with more vision than money.  The belief that God called us to develop this ministry has driven us to work hard at what we do.  Having faith in God is what sustains us and brings us the things we need to continue His work here.  If our faith in God should die then this ministry is over because we will loose heart and our work will stop.  There's nothing easy about what we've done.  Nothing is easy about hard work.  But when we know that we are doing it with God, that is what keeps us working strong for Him and His church.  Keep believing, keep serving!  "Whatever you do do it heartily as unto the Lord..."


Electricity here is limitied, but what we do have is all ours.  A solar and hydro system provide our electricity that is stored in batteries.  This is a trendy way to go and many people envy it but let me assure you it's no picnic.  There is alot of work involved in maintaining your own power, but I would say over all it's worth it.  If you ever stay at our retreat you will be asked to be power smart and conserve where you can.  We can't use electricity like they do in the city, that's just how off grid living is.  Also life can improve if we break away from some of our electronic dependancies.

HOMESTEADERS and Sustainable living

The residents and hosts of Mountain Road Retreat live here year round.  They live in their own houses built with their own hands with the help of friends.  Mark and Lori's house was built mainly with materials from the land and area.  Even in the concrete footings, the cement was all mixed by hand with gravel and sand from the land.  Also most of the wood trim, lumber, beams and siding were all milled on site from cedar and fir trees that were cleared for the house.  Stone for the chimney was taken from the river.  That's how we build the retreat buildings too, with as much of our own material as we can.  We also use reclaimed materials that may have been thrown out like extras from a job site.  Our buildings are mainly heated with firewood that gets cut and chopped in the spring.  We use the scraps from the mill as firewood.  Dead branches are chipped and composted.

A garden is grown and provides vegetables and fruit for the summer.    Local wild berry bushes provide snacks and jams.  We don't hunt and eat the wild animals though, but we do get fish from our local first nations at times.  Also we may get some hens for our own free range eggs, sometime in the future.


We keep a very friendly retreat dog here.  He is big enough to threaten a cougar but nice enough to be hugged by a dog lover.  We realise not everyone likes dogs but remember he is here for our protection, if he barks it is for a reason.  He knows when a bear has been around and can sense things as small as a mouse.  We've given him the job of patrolling the property and protecting the people, so if you're going for a walk he just might tag along.  But please don't walk him accross the bridge.  To see a video of a bear in the area click BEAR VIDEO


A popular feature of our community is the sawmill, one of our favourite tools.  There is such an abundance of trees in the area, just dealing with the dead fall is more than enough at times.  Most of the lumber we cut is used for the retreat buildings.  The owners run the sawmill as a side business and will even sell beams and lumber to the public at BCTIMBER.ca

To watch a video of the sawmill click SAWMILL VIDEO 


There's gold in them there hills.  We haven't found more than a few flakes but the search goes on.  In keeping with the local history some of us have taken to prospecting, even securing a claim or two in the area.  No fever yet, just a relaxing pastime when we have time to pass.  If swirling a few pans with high hopes interests you we'd be happy to oblige. 


To live or visit our community you must find the mountaineer in you or you'll simply miss out on one of the best things going here.  There are so many places to explore.  Trails and logging roads leading to waterfalls and mountain top lakes.  Creeks and streams you can boulder hop your way into strange and breath taking places.  Forests you can stroll in with tall dazzling firs and cedars and microscopic plants and bugs that will amaze you if you have the magnification to see them.  We love exploring the beautiful creation around us and we love to point our friends and guests in that direction too.